Friday, December 3, 2010

Dance Dance Dance, Work Work Work

Today was my last day of classes as an undergraduate. And yet, I actually didn't go to my only class because I was busy working.

It doesn't feel like the end when I still have final projects that are due. It hasn't hit me yet that I won't be walking down the halls of these buildings anymore, or that I won't have to spend hours inside the mechE clusters never seeing the sunlight, or that I won't ever have to sit through a lecture, or do anymore homework. It just hasn't hit me yet, and I'm afraid I may have a freak out when I do.

Either way, I still have tons of work to do on my final design project and on my Spanish project (which we haven't technically started). I've been working on the poster for our final design project all day, even during my DS show, and right now. At 11:20 PM on a Friday night. I'm just a party animal, aren't I?

Speaking of DS, I think this is my favorite dance I've done so far. Its not the most difficult technically (its actually the easiest by far), its not the fastest or the craziest yet, but it has a lot of character. Me, as a black widow spider, giving a guy (er, girl?) the kiss of death is awesome. I also like it because for once I'm not put in the back for being tall. I actually get some time up front, and I get to do some sweet stuff (all I can say is boobs, running down legs, booty pop, and jumping). This dance has been a lot of fun and I for sure have gotten along with these girls more than any other dance. Its really nice. Tonight was the first night, and I think it went really well. At the very end of the show when they do curtain call and all the thank you's, they recognized the only two seniors graduating in December, so I actually got to to up and take my own bow. It was so much fun, and it made me feel special! The only down side was that none of my friends could make it to the performance tonight, so no one was there to cat call me. But hopefully tomorrow they will be there and I'll get a big cheer!

The next few days are full of work. Taking pictures and putting together a comic, my last DS performance ever, finishing the design poster, writing up the design report, finishing building the design, and presenting at the expo. Only 7 more days until I go home for Christmas, and who knows what I'll do then. All my options right now point to returning to Pittsburgh. We'll see how it goes.

Tis the season to be jolly: Bah humbug!