Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm laughing on the inside...

Funny how things start to unfold. After spending months last semester looking for jobs and doing interviews, only two people offered me jobs. Then there are those who said they would get back to me then never replied to me.  All of the sudden they have decided to approach me now, after almost 4 months of ignoring me. And its funny, cause I once thought I really wanted to work for them. However, after having them reject me and ignore me for so long it makes me re-evaluate my opinion of them. Maybe one day you guys will be worthy of my skills, but right now I have a job and I don't need your pity.

One truly funny thing is the whole weather situation. I've been avoiding this horrible winter by staying in Miami for so long. One might say I'm a snow bird, but I don't care. Wearing shorts and sandals in the middle of winter is very satisfying to me. I just laugh at everyone else up north. The only thing is that soon I will be up there. In the snow. Cold.....:/

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